Woods oil painting 30x48 Christi Dreese.

Welcome to my art studio.... 

Here you'll find lots of projects going on at the same time!  You may find a table with abstract work started, my easel most likely has a new oil painting in the works, and a notebook of other ideas sitting out ready for more ideas and to-do's!  I'm constantly painting, whether it be art created for the galleries, upcoming solo shows or commissions for clients.    

I make some of my oil paints by mixing dry pigment with linseed or walnut oil.  A great company called  Kama Pigments out of Canada is where i order from.   By making my own oil paint, I am able to control the quality of my paint with less fillers and the right amount of oil for my work.  I love the buttery texture I'm able to mix to the right consistency that works for me.  It's worth it but ... it sure is messy!

Another part of my studio is dedicated to custom framing.  I've been in the framing industry for over 25 years.  It was a smart decision to learn how to frame my own work along with framing other clients art, photographs and memorable items.  Next to my custom framing room, I have an area for producing  home decor products with my art images.  It's called sublimation printing.  I have a special sublimation printer specifically for sublimating along with a heat press to transfer the image onto many great products for your home.  It is so much fun to see my work transferred to something functional.  An easy affordable gift to bring cheer, happiness, and fond memories to your life or family and friends.  Be sure to check out my online shop!  Let's just say I'm never bored or sitting around!

My earlier years....

In my early days of growing up in a small town called Spring Lake located not too far from Lake Michigan, I spent all summer at the beach or on my dads boat soaking up the sun and taking in the peace and quiet from the lake.  It's my heaven and that's what I love to paint.  I was also in many extra curricular art programs throughout my education.  Aquinas College is where I received my Bachelor of Art Degree and Business Major.  My focus was always on the painting.

After college I chose to learn the framing industry by working for Frames Unlimited in Grand Rapids.  An invaluable skill for my future.  A few years later I put together my own custom framing business and continued to keep painting...  building and refining my painting skills. 



I continue to live and raise my two TEENAGE girls in my hometown of Spring Lake, Michigan.  We are just next door to a beautiful resort town of Grand Haven.  Beautiful beaches, sunsets, gorgeous Lake Michigan, and a wonderful downtown full of unique shops and hopping restaurants.  A place to vacation during the summer months.

 I now sell my work in several galleries, work with interior designers, attain solo shows, win awards and teach workshops.  I'm always appreciative and ecstatic when someone tells me they have my work hanging in their home.   I couldn't ask for a better life.  A life of freedom to do what I love and share it with the world!

Feel free to contact Christi for more information on her work at info@dreesefineart.com

2019-07-july-30-DreeseMural-Day10 18.jpg

"Grandmother's Garden"  located behind Plantenga's Cleaners, 217 W. Savidge St., Spring Lake, MI  49456