10 Things you didn't know about Artist Christi Dreese.

Want to know a little bit more about artist Christi Dreese?

1. I pick the crust off my sandwich bread at the age of 44! Yes … It's true and childish. There's something about that dark crust I just don't like. :)

2. I'm an introvert. Most artists' probably are. I enjoy going out but also love my alone time. I'm shy and quiet especially in large crowds. Alone time allows me to recharge my batteries.

3. These two girls are my world! My oldest daughter has Juvenile Arthritis and Uveitis and recently diagnosed with Von Willebrand Disease. She was diagnosed at the age of 3. Life is much better now that her health problems are under control. We thank MANY specialists in the Grand Rapids area for their expertise and continual care for her well being. My youngest is a super star athlete! I think so anyways because I'm her mom! Hard worker, driven, and a natural athlete that loves to compete.

Our trip to Cambridge to consult a specialist.

4. I enjoy learning to build furniture in my spare time. I really don't think I have any spare time now that the girls are in their teens and playing sports. I learned a lot from the Anna White website. She has a wonderful, easy to follow website full of furniture plans. Such a sense of accomplishment when my project turns out!

5. I love to constantly learn new things and new cooking recipes. At night I'm doing my "research" on pinterest or youtube.

6. I have illustrated two children books and would love to do another. "Help! There is a Dragon in my Head" and "My Dragon Breathes Fire" were written by Steve Nauta and Jan Esh who own Isabel's House in Spring Lake, Michigan. Two wonderful therapists that helps families, adults and children.

7. Pinot Grigio is my go to choice of wine. Not too sweet and not too dry!

8. I'm a sucker for stray animals. All of my animals have been acquired by accident or the pound. I now have one kitty. I told my girls I would get them an aquarium but when I walked into Petco, there staring at me were several cats in cages. Ugh. Of course one cat in particular stood out. She was black, friendly and had one stray whisker poking out above her eye. I glanced at her tag information, finding out her name was Alexa! My daughters name is Alexa! So I circled around the store to look at fish. Needless to say I walked out with a cat! She is comical and keeps me company. Best choice I made! Besides I didn't think my kids would clean a disgusting fish tank!

9. I'm a miracle baby. Born three months premature, weighing 2.8 lbs. and having heart surgery as an infant. Thank you to Butterworth Hospital. Now Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

10. My favorite time of day on the lake is early evening when the sun starts to set and glistens across the lake. I love the warm summer breeze and the serenity Lake Michigan brings me. Inspiration from the lakeshore is conveyed through my oil paintings and products that bring me joy, peace and happiness!

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