Behind the Scenes...

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

I have found in the last few years I love working from home. The peace and quiet during the day allows me to focus on my painting. I live in a small utilitarian home that requires purging every year and be creative with the space. Right now my home studio is my living room. It has a lot of natural light. The basement just doesn't cut it. Even though it's finished and carpeted, it's just too cold, not cozy and no windows. It's hard to get motivated and inspired in a space that's not comfortable. So over the years I've come up with small space solutions to hide most of my art supplies and be able to paint where I'm most comfortable and inspired. That's my living room. I have access to everything. I have music playing on the television and the kitchen right next to me for a quick beverage or snack.

My oil paintings are done in front of the living room window where there's lots of natural light. My book shelf has been a smart purchase for having access to my necessities. Organization is not a skill I was born with but living in a small home has forced me to be creative with small spaces and try to be organized.

The large format computer screen is where I view my photos to paint from. It's the perfect spot next to my easel. My brushes and paints are at arms length.