Abstract Designs as Livewalls ?

I had a new challenge at the end of summer to create some abstract designs for Hortech's Livewalls.

It was perfect timing since I had just finished up the mural for the Village of Spring Lake. After taking a tour of the endless perrenials, annuals, and beautiful tall grasses at Hortech, I got to work creating loose sketches for the live walls.

I left the choice of plants to owner Dave McKenzie and his staff since they have a better feel for how the plants grow over time and what they can actually transform in the vertical pots.

I loved seeing one of my abstract designs created with plants. This one is a favorite!

This design is a bright daisy with a leaf inspired from the Spring Lake Village mural that was just completed in August on the backside of Plantenga's Cleaners along the bike path.

And..... my fun pink bumble bee inspired by "Grandmother's Garden" mural. Thanks Dave for the fun photo shoots! Loving life and living it to the fullest! -Christi Dreese

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