Help Contribute to Spring Lake’s Art in the Park Project

Art in the Park Together we can bring public art to Spring Lake along the Lakeside Trail, our very own linear park

As a Patron of the Arts, You’ll Help Bring Our Park Areas to Life

The Village of Spring Lake needs you. Not just as a patron, but as a team member communicating your vision of the community to us. Your sponsorship provides feedback that you like and appreciate the path that we are pursuing to beautify our community assets. Because we will be engaging with the community in the artistic decisions that will be made, we hope that you’ll participate in our community engagement events as well. We are looking forward to partnering with you to bring our park to life! Your support of the Art in the Park campaign will help to offset the cost of a mural to be painted by a “soon-to-be Tri-Cities renowned,” yet-to-be-determined local artist, on an unexpected yet obvious canvas – the back of a business building. Our first canvas faces both Lakeside Trail, our linear park and a neighborhood playground. With your help, it will be our first, but certainly not our last. When you donate, you will be helping to: beautify the neighborhood support crime prevention through environmental design introduce public art in our community

Our Multi-User Trails are So Beautiful and Yet….. the cinder block back of even the very best business is not. Lakeside Trail and our playground are open to and utilized by Village residents as well as the greater NW Ottawa community. While significant investments have been made to this length of the trail, the specific location places both trail and playground directly alongside an unattractive back of a cinder block building. We consider this location an ideal place to continue working on neighborhood connectivity and beautification as it has the potential to be shared with so many residents and visitors.

Public Art Creates Not Just Beautiful Spaces, but Safer Spaces In working with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office we have learned the value of crime prevention through environmental design (aka CPTED). Studies indicate that a mural at this location will add a level of “natural surveillance” to the trail, the playground, and the community. By adding people and eyes to the design, whether impressionistically or realistically, safety levels have been shown to improve at an even greater rate by creating the illusion that the area is being watched.

O Art, Art, Wherefore Art Thou Art? There is an expressed need to introduce public art to the Village that as yet, has none. This particular location offers an ideal site to initiate an introduction because it serves so many people and purposes. The trail provides the potential for natural progression of this concept along the backs other business that face Lakeside Trail, as well as plentiful areas where we would like to pursue alternate mediums, such as sculpture.

How Do You Know When You’ve “Made It?” We’ll know that we’ve succeeded when we have a completed mural and positive public feedback as well as an increase in our trail/playground user numbers. As the mural and future art installations become a draw, the Village businesses have the potential to experience an increase in foot traffic and customer investment. This project for Public Art in Public Places will release a call to local artists from the Spring Lake and Tri-Cities area. Entries will be collected and voted on by the public through community engagement meetings as well as by the Village Council for a juried artist award. The chosen artist will be provided with: materials supplies compensation

We are certain that this piece will be the first of many artistic contributions to the Spring Lake Village Community as it becomes a true Michigan destination.

How You Can Support Us Thank you for your consideration! IF we meet our goal of $15,000, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will match that, essentially DOUBLING YOUR DONATION!!! Please support by donating here, sharing the project on Facebook or Twitter using our easy share buttons at the top, or simply spreading the word to family and friends. If you prefer to give offline and in person, you can do that at Village Hall, 102 W. Savidge, Spring Lake, MI 49456. This location can accept checks made payable to: Grand Haven Area Community Foundation (GHCAF) and please add “Art in the Park” in the Memo. You can call 616.842.1393 for more information.

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