How do I decide...

Deciding on the next painting can take a day or two of contemplating. Sometimes I ponder overnight. I rummage through the gazillion photo's I've taken trying to spark my own interest and inspiration! Photo software has been an important tool. I crop many times and boost the colors to get an idea as to what the painting might become.

Once I make the final decision, it's important to start right away. I find if I wait until tomorrow, I may have lost my interest!

I make my way downstairs to select from the canvas collection I've acquired over the years and refuse to buy another canvas until this dwindles down. Michael's probably loves me!

Next, I place the canvas on my easel, paint the canvas black and try to visualize the painting, shape, composition, colors and see if it's a good fit.

I start the sketch process with my conte` crayon to map out the shapes and then start blocking in with color. Today's inspiration came from a photo I took on the Empire Bluff Trail last fall. It was a beautiful hike overlooking the dunes. I could see Sleeping Bear Dunes in the distance. A gorgeous small town that I will plan to visit again next summer when I make a delivery to Sleeping Bear Gallery who represents a wonderful selection of artists mostly from the north part of the state.

Empire Bluff Trail - Michigan

Here's what I was inspired to paint today. Anxious for the weather to turn so I can start to travel up north. It's so peaceful and beautiful.

The start of a new painting by artist Christi Dreese

My art is never exact. I tend to add and delete what I want. The benefits of being a painter....

….. it's my vision!

Stop back this week. I'll have this painting finished and posted. :) -Christi

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