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"Object" took an award at the Grand Rapids Regional Arts

"Object", Oil and Cold Wax on Canvas, 48"x48". $4600

I'll admit, this painting was inspired on a whim not too long before the deadline to submit to the Grand Rapids Regional. Something crawled up my butt and I felt the need to create an abstract piece. I wanted something large that could make a statement and found the perfect canvas waiting for me. Abstracts are my mixed emotion pieces. I always say it's good therapy. I never know how I"m starting out or even the "message" I want to convey. It's not until I start the process, that my thoughts start to come together. This painting came together nicely and I knew when it was finished this was a solid work of art. I have my favorites and this is one of them. Thankfully it dried to the touch at the last minute and was ecstatic when i heard it was in the show. Just a few days ago, I got the notice it received the O'Rourke Family Award. Awards will be given at the Calder Plaza in Grand Rapids on June 3rd at 5:30. It will be on display and for sale at Frames Unlimited GR North - 4045 Plainfield Ave NE, in Grand Rapids.

The last couple years I've been creating in oil, cold wax and collage. I'm always inspired by other artists and curious of trying different mediums. I've come to love working in cold wax. The process of gouging, scraping and layering are endless.

Three paintings from the "Object" Collection are available and can be found here.

Two other paintings are in the Grand Rapids Regional as well.

"Boundaries" will be at the Muse GR - 727 Leonard Ave NW, GR, MI 49504

"Hemlocks Along the River" Oil on Canvas, 48"x36" will also be at Frames Unlimited on Plainfield.

If you have any questions or interest, feel free to contact me.