What's in my Art Collection?

My golden rule for purchasing art for my home is buy what I love.

It's what I respond to. and what I cherish. It's something about that art I just love to have in my home. I've purchased art and then painted my walls to work with my art! I'm an artist and an art collector.

Now sure, I'm lucky to have my daily selection of art but it is nice to own other's creations. Here's what's hanging on my walls today.

I have more stacked. Ready to be rotated. It's nice having that option to freshen my walls with art by rotating every now and then.

1. "The Gift". An abstract mixed media painting on paper. It hangs over a contemporary chair in my livingroom. I tend to keep a piece or two that I create from a collection each year. Some paintings I just can't part with....

2. One of my heart series on paper. This has been a popular collection that I have turned into small gifts with certain pieces. Donna Ryan created the fused glass sculpture.

3. Three square abstracts that hang above my television. Those are mine!

4. "Havana" an oil painting on canvas created by local artist Marlan Cotner. Be sure to check Marlan's work out. She creates these wacky martini olive paintings too. Marlan makes me laugh and when you see her paintings, you'll know why! I commissioned Marlan to paint two pieces from photos I took of Havana years ago. Miss her and this is one of my prize possessions in my livingroom. You can find more of her work at the Gallery Uptown in Grand Haven, Michigan. http://www.mcotnerstudio.com/

5. Marlan Cotner's original hand painted coasters. These babies have been used. It's a good way to start your morning out too. A cup of coffee and a good laugh!

5. This abstract painting hangs in my foyer.

6. A small abstract painting of mine. It sits on a shelf that is my "art center" along with a raku vase bought at an art fair.

7. Shelly Drew's Bayfish from Art & Soul Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan. Amy from Art & Soul has a wide selection of her fish and heart series. I had to have one! This piece is setting on top of my "art center" book shelf.

8. A favorite small still-life I created many moons ago. The early years when I was still trying to find my style. Fitting for my kitchen.

9. My most recent purchase from Gallery Uptown. I LOVE Helen Lystra's new work. So many great encaustic mixed media paintings to choose from. Perfect for a petite spot in my home. Stop in to Gallery Uptown in Grand Haven, Michigan.

10. My back entry has a favorite mixed media painting from my "Sense of Self Series". A favorite that will be in my collection forever.

11. "Alexa" A watercolor painting of my daughter when she was into everything! I just hung this by my back entryway.

12. One of my favorite pieces of art by my daughter Kaelyn when she was little. This is stuck to my refrigerator. It makes me smile. It's fun, whimsical and happy.

13. A near and dear painting that will stay in the family. 4ft x 4ft hanging on my dining room wall. My grandmother stands in a garden in the background. She loved her flower garden. I helped take care of her the last few years of her life. Feb. 24, 2003 she passed away and exactly one year later I had my daughter. A special gift. Kaelyn's middle name is Aneska which is the Czech origin of Agnes. My grandmother's name and nationality.

14. A mini Roycine King watercolor painting. This was a watercolor notecard she sent me when I had my first child. Roycine is still painting and getting around town.

15. I took a Dreama workshop a few years ago and learned a tremendous amount of techniques and business advice. This oil painting is Dreama's style and I love how it turned out. I love the pop of coral and pinks against the neutral background. She has lovely work and it was a pleasure meeting her.

16. Sy Ellens. I saved my money up for this painting. I've always loved his work and was determined to have one of his for my home. Bought it at the Carlyn Gallery a few years ago. He has his own style and of course I love his colors. This piece hangs in my bedroom.

17. Another fabulous painter is James Karsina. He was my instructor at Aquinas College and exhibits with Lafonsee Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has a distinct style and you know exactly who it is when you run across his work. Hangs in my bedroom as well.

18. Robert Michmerhuizen. I have been wanting to own a piece of Rob's for years. His son just recently had a retrospective at the Tri-Cities Historical Museum. I was determined to have a painting and knew it would be hard to come by again. Love this piece! It's a watercolor. You know immediately it's his work. It's tropical and fitting for me, hangs over my headboard.

19. Another favorite older piece of mine. 48"x 36" oil painting on canvas. It took first place in a juried competition years ago and was inspired from a trip I took to San Francisco in another life. Another bedroom painting.

20. I can't forget another smaller oil painting by Marlan Cotner of "Havana". I always found her sleeping in my bed when I got home. She'd flip my covers back and make herself a nice comfy spot. It's fitting for my bedroom and I chuckle looking at this painting.

I'm surprised I have 20 pieces of original art plus whatever I have stacked in a corner waiting for rotation.

Love the artist, love their work, love their style.

Buy what you love!



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