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This tape is great for mending paper, books, tears and hinging lightweight art.

I use this tape for many of my own original artwork and framing needs.

*** Please note this product comes off a large roll of filmoplast. The tape will be wound and placed in a separate box. The original roll has a few hundred feet on it! This product is great for those who have a handful of projects and do not want to buy a full box.

Non-aging, non-yellowing pH neutral
Permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive
High ageing resistance
High tensile strength
White, wood-free, special paper
Acid-free, pH approx. 7.5
High initial tack and specially high final bonding strength
Can be removed with water or acetone
3/4" wide

Filmoplast P90 Archival Framers Tape 10ft and 25ft

PriceFrom $12.10