"My Dragon Breathes Fire" Children's Book.

Written by Steve Nauta and Jan Esh.
Illustrated by Christi Dreese.


About the book:

When people get anxious, they either withdraw from the situation or become aggressive in an attempt to defend themselves. In their first book, “Help, There’s A Dragon In My Head”, co-authors Stephen Nauta and Jan Esh told the story of a young girl who withdrew from the stress in her life. She found the courage to face her fears and rediscovered joy. In their new book, “My Dragon Breathes Fire,” Stephen and Jan recount the story of a young boy who reacts to his fears with aggression against those he both fears and loves, finding himself in the principal’s office on a regular basis. With the help of a counselor the boy comes to understand that his behavior is driven by anxiety. He goes on to find new ways to address his anger and heal the relationships he has broken. “My Dragon Breathes Fire” is full of hope for people of all ages who find themselves hurting the ones they love.

"My Dragon Breathes Fire" Children's Book

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